Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shall We Begin?

Several weeks ago, I brought up the idea of an Online Book Group. Several people seemed interested, so here we go...

I felt it best to create a separate blog, specifically for our Book Group.

Please give me feedback, on how you feel this will work best for all of us.

On Tuesday, I will publish a post for the book, "We Were Soldiers Once...and Young". I've pulled together a few questions for those who would like to participate in a question/answer format. If you prefer to write your viewpoints on the book, please do so. I welcome you to take as much space as you desire.

Your words matter to this blog! Please post your comments! It is important to me, we remain respectful of each other.

I truly hope we can make this work!

I thank each of you!!!


  1. I'm ready.

    My word verification "phydneak" - sounds like hide-n-seek with a lisp.

  2. Sign me up. I will be in and out next week while Scout is home but I am sure I will sneak a few minutes on.


This is our place to discuss books, which we choose to read. Use as much space as needed to share your thoughts.